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Menevä Taxi serves customers in the whole Finland. We are the largest domestic family taxi company and we have almost fifty years of experience in the industry. We want to provide a good taxi service for all customers 24/7 all year round and be a fair partner for taxi drivers and entrepreneurs. Our reliable and professional drivers will ensure that you travel safely and comfortably.


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Toll free booking phone.

0800 02120

Free of charge prebookings.

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Taxi application.




Download our free application

After downloading the Menevä app on your phone, register with the service and you can use the app to book a taxi to your desired address immediately or make a reservation for a later time. You can choose the type of vehicle and payment method you want directly from the app. You can see the fixed price for your trip in advance before you book. You will receive a confirmation message on your phone after you have placed your order. Once you have booked a ride, you can conveniently track the car's arrival from the app. Booking a taxi with Menevä is always free of charge. This applies also to pre-bookings for a later time.

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Fair and responsible taxi service

We make sure that we comply with Finnish laws and regulations. The taxi companies we partner with must also commit to properly fulfilling their social obligations. All our partners are covered by the Vastuu Group's Reliable Partner (Luotettava Kumppani) service.

We are a discrimination free zone

t the heart of our business is the principle of equality and fairness, we want all our employees and customers to feel welcome and treated as equals. All our premises and our taxis are discrimination free zones. Everyone is welcome in our cabs, regardless of age, gender, background or even religion. You can find more information about Menevä's Discrimination Free Zone campaign: Tervetulokyytiin.fi

Leading the way towards a more sustainable transportation business

We have made the promotion of sustainable development and socio-cultural responsibility an integral part of our business. For example, we have boldly invested in electric taxis and our own charging infrastructure, pointing the way for the taxi industry as a whole. Our all-electric taxis are powered by responsibly produced electricity.

As a proof of sustainability in business, Menevä is the first taxi company to be awarded Visit Finland's Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label*.

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For companies

By concentrating the taxi needs of your company to one choice provider, you can manage your costs efficiently, get better contract prices and create a service suits your particular needs.


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Contact information

Do you want to contact us? You can find our contact as well as billing information here.


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Money back -guarantee.




Money back guarantee

We apply a price guarantee to all Menevä taxi rides. If your ride is not charged according to the Menevä price list, for example if the driver accidentally charges the ride incorrectly, or the fixed price is different from the fee in the price list, we will return the entire price of the ride to the you.

When you feel it is necessary to file a reclamation about your taxi ride, clearly something has gone wrong. We'd love to hear more about it, so we can make our service better! We kindly ask you to leave feedback via the feedback form from the link below or via email to the address: feedback@meneva.fi. We process the feedback as quickly as possible and ask for additional information if necessary.

We want to offer all our customers a comfortable and price surprise free service to which they will be happy to return to time and again.

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