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Welcome aboard the fully electric Menevä Airport taxi fleet


We serve customers at Helsinki Airport with our new fully electric taxi fleet. You will find us from the 3rd lane at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 taxi stations. We serve customers also in rides to the airport. You can book our airport taxis conveniently by calling our toll free telephone number, by using the form on this page, or by choosing an electric vehicle on our app for your trip to the airport.


Toll free booking phone.

0800 02120

Free of charge prebookings.

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Travel responsibly and with ease.

Our airport taxi fleet is 100% electric.





Guarantee of service

We want to guarantee that you will always have a pleasant ride when using Menevä Airport taxis. Our drivers will help you with your luggage, will drive safely and pay attention to your comfort during the ride.

In order to keep developing our services to be an even better fit with our customers needs, we want to learn about your experiences. We encourage everyone to leave feedback to us, either directly to your driver, via email to or by using the form below. Thank You!

Environmentally responsible taxi service

Our 100% electric airport taxi fleet is powered by electricity produced from renewable sources in Finland that we feed our vehicles with from our own charging station. By choosing Menevä taxis at the airport, you can be part of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by the worth of 12 million driving kilometres per year. Considering the whole taxi industry, this amount will still be small, but not insignificant. We believe that by stepping boldly to the frontline of turning the taxi industry towards a more sustainable model we can make a difference to the future of the industry. The electric vehicles will simultaneously have a positive effect on the riding comfort our our customers. In addition to good customer service, we can offer our customers the comfort of making a sustainable choice. Welcome aboard!







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Book an airport taxi

You can book our airport taxis using the form below


Instructions for the web booker

Fill in the booking details: Fill in at least the pickup time and address. Choose either a 1 to 4 person vehicle "Airport 4h" or a 5 to 7 person vehicle "Airport 7h" depending on your needs. If you want to get a fixed price for your ride, fill in the destination address as well. After typing in the first four letters, the address fields will start suggesting address options. On the bottom part of the map screen you will see the ETA of your ride and, if you have typed in a destination address, also the fixed price for your trip. The phone number is required for booking a taxi because we use SMS messages to keep you updated on the status of your ride. You can also type in your email address and get a booking confirmation to your email. The booking confirmation email also contains a link to cancel your booking if you wish to do so.

Click on the "Book now" button and you will get a booking reference number, click OK.

If you only filled in the pickup address you will be charged the meter price for your trip.


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