Book a taxi - Three free of charge methods.

With Menevä, you only pay for the trip.




Download the app.

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Call the booking number.

0800 02120

Free of charge booking phone.

Book a taxi straight from the web with our booking form.


Instructions for the booking form


Fill in the booking details: Fill in at least the pickup time and address. If you want to get a fixed price for your ride, fill in the destination address as well. After typing in the first four letters, the address fields will start suggesting address options. On the bottom part of the map screen you will see the ETA of your ride and, if you have typed in a destination address, also the fixed price for your trip. The phone number is required for booking a taxi because we use SMS messages to keep you updated on the status of your ride. You can also type in your email address and get a booking confirmation to your email. The booking confirmation email also contains a link to cancel your booking if you wish to do so.

Click on the "Book now" button and you will get a booking reference number, click OK.

If you only filled in the pickup address you will be charged the meter price for your trip.


Prebooking is always free of charge. On all booking channels.

Minivan taxis

For a larger group you can book a minivan ride straight from our app. You can check the fare for 5 to 8 passengers from our price calculator on this page.

Special needs rides

Menevä organises the government reimbursed taxi services in the largest region of Southern Finland. We offer special needs rides with strong experience.

Helsinki Airport

With Menevä taxis you can ride from Helsinki Airport to Helsinki city centre with a fixed price of 39 €.

Menevä taxi price list

The following pricing scheme is used in Menevä taxis from 1 April 2022 onwards*. All prices include 10% VAT.


Basic fees  
Weekdays and saturdays from 06:00 to 18:00 4,50 €
Evenings from 18:00 to 06:00 and holidays 7,50 €
No pre-booking fee  
Ride fees - 1 to 4 passengers  
Distance based fee 1,00 € / km
Time based fee 1,00 € / min
Ride fees - 5 to 8 passengers  
Distance based fee 1,60 € / km
Time based fee 1,00 € / min
Minimum charge (only for 5 to 8 passenger rides) 20 €


All prices are valid until further notice.

*Check the metered fares of your area from our service areas page.

Service areas