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The discount can be used for rides paid by card on the Menevä app. Select a payment card, Apple Pay or Google Pay as the payment method of your booking and activate the discount code when booking your ride. You will receive your discount code in the reply message to your feedback.

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Money back guarantee

We apply a price guarantee to all Menevä taxi rides. If your ride is not charged according to the Menevä price list, for example if the driver accidentally charges the ride incorrectly, or the fixed price is different from the fee in the price list, we will return the entire price of the ride to the you.

When you feel it is necessary to file a reclamation about your taxi ride, clearly something has gone wrong. We'd love to hear more about it, so we can make our service better! We kindly ask you to leave feedback via the feedback form on this page or via email to the address: In order to facilitate easy processing of your reclamation, we ask that you add information from the receipt to your message. Provide at least the date and time of your ride, car registration number and driver ID number, as well as the price of the trip, so that we can examine the information about the trip and find out what happened by consulting the driver. We process the feedback as quickly as possible and ask for additional information if necessary.

We want to offer all our customers a comfortable and price surprise free service to which they will be happy to return to time and again.

Welcome aboard!

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