On our way to a greener future

Meneva is the first taxi company to be awarded Visit Finland's Sustainable Travel Finland or STF label as proof of responsibility in business operations. The STF program and label give travelers a real opportunity to choose services verified as sustainable.

Together with other companies in the tourism industry, we strive towards a more sustainable future. We also encourage other transport companies in the travel industry to join us in being responsible! The STF label has a special meaning for international travelers, but it also serves as proof of responsibility for other customers and partners.

With everyday actions and active choices, we have the opportunity to make an impact

Menevä is a Finnish taxi company with more than 1,500 taxis serving customers every day all over Finland. Most of the carbon footprint of a taxi ride comes from the vehicles themselves and their use. By managing the car fleet efficiently and by switching to low-emission and all-electric vehicles, we can make taxi journeys more ecologically sustainable. By efficiently chaining consecutive rides, we also significantly reduce unnecessary driving. We are committed to developing all our activities towards more ecological solutions - for example by reducing the amount of waste and choosing products that burden the environment as little as possible.

A forerunner towards more sustainable transport solutions

We have taken a bold step forward into a more sustainable future by investing in electric taxis and charging infrastructure, boldly showing the way forward for the entire taxi industry. By investing in charging technology and first rate service, the all-electric taxi fleet has been verified to work in commercial traffic. Our charging station works with a high total power, so the taxis stay on the move and not just at the end of the plug. Our fully electric taxis are powered by responsibly produced electricity.

Our customers have been able to choose a fully electric taxi from the Menevä application for a long time, and airport passengers can find green taxis in the Menevä taxi lane at several airports in Finland - in addition to Helsinki Airport, for example in Oulu, Rovaniemi and Kuopio. Electric equipment also has a positive effect on the customers' travel comfort - in addition to good customer service, we offer a sense of well-being through a responsible choice.

By taxi towards carbon-free international tourism

Menevä is the only Nordic taxi company to have signed the World Tourism Organization's "Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism", which provides its own reference framework for setting the company's sustainable development goals. The reduction of traffic emissions in international tourism also depends on taxis. By signing this internationally known declaration, we confirm that we have taken the promotion of sustainable development and socio-cultural responsibility as part of our operations. 


*Sustainable Travel Finland -label is an official trademark of Business Finland

World Tourism Organization: https://www.unwto.org/



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