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Using promo codes in the Menevä app.




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Adding a promo code to the Menevä app.

Follow the instructions below to add the ALE5 code to your app. Promo codes are only available for rides paid via the app with Apple Pay, Google Pay or payment cards added to the app.

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1. Press "Promo code"

Press "Promo code" in the booking screen.

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2. Enter your code

Enter your new promo code to the field and press "Add".

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3. Check the booking

Before completing the booking, please check that your promo code is selected for use. When you return to the order summary screen, a green marker will appear in the promo code section to indicate that the code is enabled. Press it to see which code is selected for use.

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4. Check the code

The promo code you just entered is selected as active for the subscription. The active promo code is shown in red at the top of the screen. If you also have previously entered codes in the app, you can select another promo code to use by clicking the "Redeem" button next to it. If you decide not to use the promo code right now, you can click on the "X" next to the active code to deactivate it.

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Other things to note when using promo codes:

  • The promo code must be added before booking the trip in order for the discount to be taken into account in the price of the trip.
  • No discounts will be applied automatically if you have not activated a promo code to be used while booking a ride
  • The discount will be deducted from the price of the trip when the card is charged, and the amount of the discount will also be itemised in the email receipt.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a discount for rides paid directly in the car by cash or debit card.
  • Promo codes are single-use, unless you have been specifically informed that your code can be used more than once.
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