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5€ discount for new app customers.

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Download our free application

We are constantly updating our app. If you've downloaded the Menevä app on your phone before and haven't used it in a while - go to your app store to update the app and get all the new features, including adding a stopover to your route.

Booking a taxi

After downloading the Menevä app on your phone, register with the service and you can use the app to book a taxi to your desired address immediately or pre-book for a later time. You can choose the type of vehicle and payment method you want directly from the app. You can add intermediate stops to your journey by pressing the plus sign on the departure address line. You can see the fixed price for your trip in advance before you book. You will receive a confirmation message on your phone after you have placed your order. Once you have completed your booking, you can conveniently track your car's arrival in the app. Booking a taxi with Menevä is always free of charge. You can cancel your booking at no cost if the car has not yet accepted your order. In case you have problems with your booking, you can always contact us easily by calling our toll-free number: 0800 02120.


With us, you can pre-book a taxi in advance without any additional fee. Pre-booking is easy with the app and the online booking form: you can specify your preferred departure time or when you want to arrive at your destination. You will receive an SMS confirmation from the car that will be waiting for you about 15-30 minutes before your desired departure time. You can also pre-book by calling the toll-free booking phone number.

Fixed fares

With the app, we always give you a fixed price for your trip. The fixed fare is calculated according to the Menevä taxi price list. The price of a fixed fare taxi journey includes a total of five minutes of waiting time during the whole journey. The excess waiting time will be charged according to our price list in the car after the journey. You can check the current city-specific fare list on our service area webpages.

Cover charge

The validity of your payment card will be checked and a reservation will be made when you place your order, corresponding to the fixed price of the trip. The cover charge will be released as soon as the order is registered in our system and returned to your credit card. If you cancel your booking (before a driver has been issued to your booking), we will release the cover charge immediately. It may take a few days, depending on your bank, that you can see that the cover charge has been released on you card. The final price will be charged after the trip and you will receive a receipt for the charge by email.

When you use a promo code, the full amount will be reserved and the value of the promo code will automatically be taken into account in the final charge.

Data protection

The privacy of our customers is important to us. We are committed to complying with personal data processing and data protection legislation in the provision of our services. We ensure that we always process the personal data of our customers in a secure manner. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy page from the link below:

Privacy Policy

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5€ discount for new app customers!

We offer our new app customers a 5€ discount on their first ride. Download the app and register as a user. Follow the instructions below to add the ALE5 code to your app. Promo codes are only available for rides paid via the app with Apple Pay, Google Pay or payment cards added to the app.

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1. Press "Promo code"

Press "Promo code" in the booking screen.

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2. Enter your code

Enter your new promo code to the field and press "Add".


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3. Check the booking

Before completing the booking, please check that your promo code is selected for use. When you return to the order summary screen, a green marker will appear in the promo code section to indicate that the code is enabled. Press it to see which code is selected for use.

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4. Check the code

The promo code you just entered is selected as active for the subscription. The active promo code is shown in red at the top of the screen. If you also have previously entered codes in the app, you can select another promo code to use by clicking the "Redeem" button next to it. If you decide not to use the promo code right now, you can click on the "X" next to the active code to deactivate it.

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Other things to note when using promo codes:

  • The promo code must be added before booking the trip in order for the discount to be taken into account in the price of the trip.
  • No discounts will be applied automatically if you have not activated a promo code to be used while booking a ride
  • The discount will be deducted from the price of the trip when the card is charged, and the amount of the discount will also be itemised in the email receipt.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a discount for rides paid directly in the car by cash or debit card.
  • Promo codes are single-use, unless you have been specifically informed that your code can be used more than once.
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Payment methods

In the latest versions of our app, you can also use the secure and convenient Apple Pay and Google Pay payment methods. This is how you make paying and travelling hassle-free - hop in the car and hop out at the end of your journey. Your payment will be processed automatically and you'll receive a receipt straight to your inbox.

You can also pay for your ride in the car at the end of your journey with all major payment cards or cash. If you choose cash as your payment method in the app - your ride will be paid for in the car at the end of your journey.

By paying for your taxi ride via the app, you can order prepaid rides for family members, business guests or send parcels, for example. 

You can add payment methods via the menu by selecting payment methods and adding your payment card details. You can add multiple cards. All credit cards are accepted through the app. 

For corporate customers, we also have a business account option, which allows you to travel either on an invoice or using a corporate card account.

Favourite locations

You can add your favourite addresses to the app, such as home and work, which you often use as the starting or destination address for your journey. This way you can make ordering a trip as seamless as possible. You can set a favourite location in the "Settings" and "Favourites" menu or in the order view by clicking on "New favourite location" in the address field and clicking on the + sign. You can also add a message to the driver in addition to the address information, which will be automatically sent to the driver.

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Pick-up service in the Menevä app

Menevä offers a pick-up service to its customers so that you can access services from the comfort of your home. Our driver will pick up your shopping or other items for you when you choose our pick-up service. If you prefer, we will leave the delivery outside your door to minimise face-to-face contact. When ordering products from your online store, choose Pick-up as your delivery method.

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Give feedback

Your opinion is important to us! We value feedback from our customers and use it to improve our service.   

You can give feedback on your trip using the app right after the trip is over. You can give your ride an overall rating of 1-5 stars and write a message to us.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas for improving the service, you can also easily contact us via the feedback form or by sending an email to


Feedback form

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