Transportation services of the cities of Vantaa and Kerava

Welcome aboard Menevä Taxi! Here we have gathered information on using the transportation services of the cities of Vantaa and Kerava for your convenience. You can find additional information from the webpages of your own city and or from printed customer information leaflet sent to your home.

Our taxis are serving customers in regular and special needs transportation services 24/7 all year round. All our drivers are qualified professionals trained to take Your special needs into account.


On this page you will find instructions for: 

Booking a taxi

Using the City transportation services card as a payment method

Taxi of your area

Giving feedback




Booking a taxi

You can book a regular or a special needs taxi ride through the following channels. Booking is always free of charge.

When booking, remember to inform us the following details: 

  • the City transportation services card will be used as the payment method
  • pickup time and address as precisely as possible
  • needed vehicle type and information about aid devices that need to be transported
  • inform us also about any special needs and if an assistant or an assistance dog will be traveling with you

Customers may travel with an assistant. If the assistant will be traveling with the customer, this has to be informed to us when booking the ride.

Take note that even if you book a regular vehicle your ride might be driven with a minivan taxi, if these are available more conveniently. You can also get on board a taxi on a station, but make sure the taxi you are about to ride can accept the City transportation services card as a payment method. The driver must also inform our center about starting a transportation services ride before driving you to your destination.




Using the City transportation services card as a payment method

The City transportation services card must be presented to the driver before starting the ride, so the driver can verify your right to use the City transportation services and the validity of the right to use the services.

If you do not have the card with you but your right to use the services is valid, you can pay the ride yourself and get a reimbursement of the ride from the city by following their instructions.

Exceptional situations

If there is a technical reason why paying with the transportation services card is not successful in the car, the driver will take note of the passengers details and charge only the deductible fee from the customer.

Paying the deductible fee

The deductible fee shown by the fare meter must be paid in the car. The fee can be paid in cash or with a payment card.

Some customers may have an exemption from paying the deductible fee. In that case the customer will not pay the deductible fee in the car.

Deductible fee invoicing concerns commuting for work and study, in which case the customer does not pay the deductible fee in the car.




Taxi of your area

Some customers have a right for an appointed taxi concerning work and study commutes.

We offer our customers the chance to use a "Taxi of your area" with a driver that is familiar with the local area and its customers.

You can find contact information for inquiries for your area below. The appointed contact persons are in charge of the following matters:

  • Advising customers of the area in using the transportation services
  • Helping customers in booking rides
  • Educating and advising drivers in the area
  • Searching for the most appropriate transportation vehicles and aid devices for the customers in the area
  • Customer support for the booking app
  • Lost & found items
  • Customer feedback



  • 050 308 0008  Niilo / Helpbus
  • 050 3556 632  Kalle / Petax
  • 040 548 8036  Pertti / Hop kuljetus



Greater Hakunila area:

Including Hakunila, Sotunki, Vaarala, Ojanko, Rajakylä, Länsimäki, Länsisalmi, Itä-Hakkila and Kuninkaanmäki

  • 09 855 33500  Anita ja Harri / A&H Taksipalvelut
  • 040 548 8036  Pertti / Hop kuljetus
  • 040 537 4503  Tmi Pauli Iivonen

Greater Koivukylä area:

Including Koivukylä, Ilola, Asola, Rekola, Havukoski and Päiväkumpu                  

  • 050 308 0008  Niilo / Helpbus
  • 09 855 33500  Anita ja Harri / A&H Taksipalvelut
  • 09 760 760  Mr. Taxi

Greater Tikkurila area:

Including Tikkurila, Helsingin pitäjän kirkonkylä, Koivuhaka, Ruskeasanta. Simonkylä, Viertola, Hiekkaharju, Jokiniemi, Hakkila ja Kuninkaala                

  • 040-1208120  Jukka / Menevä
  • 09 760 760  Mr. Taxi
  • 050 4089119  Vuosaaren Palvelutaksi

Greater Aviapolis area:

Including Veromies, Viinikkala, Ylästö, Pakkala and Tammisto                         

  • 040 120 8120  Jukka / Menevä
  • 050 2622  Mavo
  • 050 373 5677  Javatrans

Greater Myyrmäki area:

Including Myyrmäki, Kaivoksela, Vapaala, Hämevaara, Linnainen, Hämeenkylä, Askisto, Varisto, Martinlaakso, Petikko and Vantaanlaakso

  • 050 3735677  Javatrans
  • 09 274 6900  Korsisaari
  • 050 2622  Mavo

Greater Kivistö area:

Including Kivistö, Keimola, Myllymäki, Piispankylä, Lapinkylä, Vestra, Luhtaanmäki, Seutula, Kiila ja Riipilä

  • 09 274 6900  Korsisaari
  • 040 120 8120  Jukka / Menevä

New contact persons in the areas will be appointed by Menevä if needed.







If there is feedback that you want to give us concerning the booking process, vehicle, actions of the driver etc. you can use the form below.

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