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Menevä taxis are serving customers now also in the Turku region. The service area is currently limited to the Turku city area. With Menevä taxis you can ride with fixed fares and use your desired payment method. 

Our reliable and proficient drivers will make sure you will travel safely and comfortably.


You can book a Menevä taxi now with the app (Android / iOS) the web booker or by calling the free of charge booking phone number 0800 02120. All our booking methods are completely free of charge for the customer and we also do not charge any extras for pre-bookings.

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The following pricing scheme is used in Menevä taxis in the Turku region from 1 February 2020 onwards. All prices include 10% VAT.


Basic fees  
Weekdays and saturdays from 06:00 to 18:00 4,00 €
Evenings from 18:00 to 06:00 and holidays 7,00 €
No pre-booking fee  
Ride fees - 1 to 4 passengers  
Distance based fee 0,90 € / km
Time based fee 0,90 € / min
Ride fees - 5 to 8 passengers  
Distance based fee 1,60 € / km
Time based fee 0,90 € / min
Minimum charge (only for 5 to 8 passenger rides) 20 €


All prices are valid until further notice.


Menevä App

You can download the Menevä app at Google Play or App Store. Ordering a taxi 24/7/365 by using the app is free and easy to use. You will always get a quote for your ride if you enter the destination address in addition to the pick up address in the app. The fixed price is based on the distance and estimated traffic situation. You can send a message to the driver with more specific information about the pick-up – click “Message to the driver” field and enter the message. Once the booking is completed, our system sends it to the closest, available car. You will receive a notification from the system when a driver has been allocated to your booking and you can track the arrival of your ride in real time. You will also receive a notification once your driver has arrived to your pickup location. 

You can also book a taxi for free through our web form. We have a 24/7 call center: 0800 02120, where you can ask for help related to your booking or place a booking.


Pre-booking with the Menevä app is convenient way to ensure that you reach your destination in time without extra cost. You can specify the pick-up time or the desired time of arrival at the destination. The app will notify you 15-30min before the pick-up. You can cancel your order for free, before it is distributed to the car.

Fixed price

You will always get a fixed price for your ride from our app or the web booker if you type in the destination of your journey. If you have not filled in the destination for your trip, the price of your ride will be metered.


You can pay normally at the end of the ride by using the most common credit or debit cards, contactless payment or cash. Adding your credit card details into the application will make payment effortless. Simply get in the taxi, enjoy the ride, and leave at the destination without any hassle. Your card will be charged accordingly and the receipt sent to your email automatically.

You can also pay for someone else’s journey in advance. For example, family members, corporate customers, or parcels.

You can cancel your order for free, before it is distributed to the car.


Contact details

LEIF KARLSSON Head of Local office, Turku
+358 50 471 0470


Or through our feedback form.

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