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Menevä taxis are serving customers now also in the Oulu region. The service area is currently limited to the Oulu city area. With Menevä taxis you can ride with fixed fares and use your desired payment method. 

Our reliable and proficient drivers will make sure you will travel safely and comfortably.


You can book a Menevä taxi now with the app (Android / iOS) the web booker or by calling the free of charge booking phone number 0800 02120. All our booking methods are completely free of charge for the customer and we also do not charge any extras for pre-bookings.

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The following pricing scheme is used in Menevä taxis in the Oulu region from 1 June 2019 onwards. All prices include 10% VAT.


Basic fees  
Weekdays and saturdays from 06:00 to 18:00 4,00 €
Evenings from 18:00 to 06:00 and holidays 7,00 €
No pre-booking fee  
Ride fees  
1 to 4 passenger vehicle  
Distance based fee 0,90 € / km
Time based fee 0,90 € / min
Minimum charge 10 €
5 to 8 passenger vehicle  
Distance based fee 1,60 € / km
Time based fee 0,90 € / min
Minimum charge 20 €


All prices are valid until further notice.

Pricing example (1 to 4 passenger vehicle): A 15 minute trip with a distance of 10km + base fee (4 €) = 26,50 €


Contact details

TONI KÄHKÖNEN Head of local office, Northern Finland
+358 50 440 8600

Local office address:

Hallituskatu 35, 90100 Oulu


Or through our feedback form.

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