We have transferred to a new system!

Menevä has switched the providers of our customer app and our dispatch system during the late summer / fall of 2018. 

The new customer app is available in iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Download our new app now and get familiar with the new features!

Attention! The new app will NOT update automatically and replace our old app. Since the new app is totally redesigned by another provider you must remove our old application and download the new app from the app stores manually. 

The web booker has been redesigned as well by the new service provider. It has the same functionalities as the old web booking form plus quite a few added features, you can now, for example, also order larger 5 to 8 person vehicles straight from our web booker!

Huom! Uusi sovellus ei päivity automaattisesti. Mikäli sinulla on jo Menevä-sovellus ladattuna puhelimeesi ennen elokuuta 2018, pyydämme ystävällisesti lataamaan sovelluksen uudelleen, jolloin pääset käyttämään uutta sovellusta ja hyödyntämään sen monipuolisia ominaisuuksia! 

The new customer app and the web booker is provided by Riide Ltd. 

We have also switched the provider of our dispatch system software to iCabbi. Over 75000 taxis operate worldwide using the iCabbi system so we can rest assured that the system has been tried and tested in practice.

The changes in our system also make it possible for users of Riide's own app to easily book Menevä taxis while visiting Finland, and vice versa, for users of the new Menevä app to book taxis abroad using the same app that is already in their phones!

Download the new Menevä app now!

You can download the free of charge Menevä app from iOS App Store and Google Play Stores. By downloading the Menevä app you can book a taxi easily 24/7 every day of the year!

The benefits of using the Menevä app:

  • Fixed price
  • Safe mobile payments
  • All payment methods
  • You can select the desired vehicle type
  • Prebook without extra costs
  • Track your taxi enroute
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Share your location while onboard a taxi
  • See the details of your driver and car
  • Message or call the driver from the app
  • Split payments with other passengers
  • Review drivers after your trip
  • Free of charge customer support 24/7
  • Invoice and card accounts for business customers

Read more about using our new app here

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Good ride guaranteed.

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